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Plaza del Humilladero, Granada, Spain, Sunday June 8, 2014

Here’s a link to the Impresiones Gigantes site: http://impresionesgigantes.wordpress.com

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Photos (color) by Brian Berry and (b&w) Francesco D’Apolito (Coraggio il Topo)

The First of this Year’s Impresiones Gigantes Events

The show was an exhibit of work by local and international artists in Granada’s Palacio de Almirantes in the Albaicín quarter on May 6. The artists showed mainly small work–when compared to the giant, road-roller prints we’ll be seeing on Sunday, June 1, in Granada’s Paseo del Salón. The delightful thing about all of the Impresiones Gigantes events is their  authenticity as IG, now in its third year, is a true grass-roots initiative. At this show lovers of art and culture had the opportunity to mingle with the artists in a relaxed and unhurried atmosphere.

IMPRESIONES GIGANTES is a collective of artists who live and work in Granada. Each June for the past three years they have staged an open-air event in the Paseo del Salón Park. It consists of printing huge, one-by-two-meter linocuts with a road roller. The quality of resulting prints is remarkable, and the process is fascinating and fun to watch. It draws ever-larger crowds of art lovers and passers-by each year.

Two dates to remember:

Friday, May 23, 2014 Mayo – 8:30 p.m.

Concert and exhibit of works by Fine and Applied Arts students in DISCOS BORA BORA in the Plaza Universidad

Sunday, June 1, 2014–All day

Impresiones Gigantes III in the Paseo del Salón – A full day of art outdoors; see you there!

Here’s the Impresiones Gigantes website: http://impresionesgigantes.wordpress.com/

Here’s their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/268821219966603/

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Impresiones Gigantes 2013Granada celebrated all day yesterday, Saturday May 25, 2013 the second edition of  Impresiones Gigantes in which a group of hard-working international lino-cut artists bring their linos out into the park, ink them in front of a mesmerized public, then carefully lay them down on the street , cover them with fabric and run a road roller over them. Shazam!  A giant print. Then they hang them all over the bandstand and the lamp posts in the Paseo del Salón. It makes a glamorous display that attracts lots of art lovers and Saturday strollers. (more…)

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The art exhibit in Salobreña’s Moorish castle to which you have been looking forward so fervently takes place at the end of this week: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 26-28. This is the first edition of this show, organized by the International Club of Salobreña (made up of most of the foreign residents) and the town hall, and everybody is fascinated to see what kind of reception an art exhibit of these characteristics is going to get. The show is only on for three days–correction nights–and only from 8:15-12:00 p.m. So if you blink you’ve missed it. Entrance is free and there will be refreshments a the Thursday-night opening. Here’s a link to their website. And here’s the lovely poster they’ve done:

SaloArte exhibit poster

P.S. Please remember the three nights are Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and not  Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Printmakers from all over Europe meet in Granada to make big impressions.

Today an international group of printmakers held the social event of the season in Granada. They called it “Impresiones Gigantes” and it created a delightful all-day inky-arty enclave on the city’s Paseo del Salón, the evocative pedestrian boulevard beside  Granada’s 16th-century botanical gardens located on the left bank of the River Genil.

The large linocuts, pressed by a road roller, came out surprisingly good. The artists were chuffed to be the protagonists of the day, and the public was surprised and interested. Although the event had no commercial intentions (God forbid!) a few of the visitors insisted upon purchasing some of the work. Mike made a lot of snapshots that you can see in the following album.

But first we should say thank you to Brian Berry, the benevolent Irishman, member of Cork Printmakers, who brought the concept to Granada a few months ago and worked to make it a reality. Thank you Brian, and everybody else who worked on the project. We’re already desiring to see what you’re going to come up with for next year!

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