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Juan Carlos Romera, filmmaker and video producerFrom Maureen Booth, Granada, Spain, August 12, 2011–Juan Carlos Romera is an old friend of ours. He’s also an award-winning documentary filmmaker. When he showed up at our house a few months ago with a new video project, I wasn’t surprised. What was surprising was that he wanted me to be a partner in it.

Juan Carlos, who has always been fascinated by etchings, already had the plan worked out. Between the two of us we would produce a series of on-demand fine-art printmaking instruction videos. This would be a ideal way to extend the essence of my printmaking workshops to printmakers around the world, and it would also be an educational initiative aimed at fine-art print lovers and collectors. It sounded simple enough but, as we all know, nothing is as simple as it sounds. (more…)

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Maureen Booth's "El Gallinero" artists' residence in Granada, SpainMaureen Booth, Granada, July 18, 2011–I’ve had artists coming to stay in my “Gallinero” artists’ residence and work with me in my printmaking studio for a year and a half now. I’ve welcomed all sorts of people: working artists, advanced beginners, people between the ages of 15 and 82, a Canadian return-to-art person, a couple of delightful veteran artists and art educators from Colorado, a Hungarian sculptor, an Australian painter… All of them have taught me something, and I’d like to think the experience was mutual. And there’s one thing they all agree upon: Printmaking here in Granada and staying in the Gallinero is a unique creative experience. That compels me to try to figure out what makes it so. I’ve made a list of possible factors: (more…)

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Lou Netter and Maureen in the studioMaureen at work in her studio

An article by Maureen Booth in the summer 2011 edition of Printmaking Today, the British fine-art-printmaking magazine with subscribers worldwide which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year (more…)

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Our old friend, Barbara Mason (from the Atelier Meridian in Portland, Oregon), was kind enough last summer to recommend my etching workshop to a friend called Mary Marjerrison. Mary showed up a couple of weeks ago with her friend, the author, Nancy Tomasetti, the Gallinero’s first writer. Did they come from Oregon? No, they came from Milan, Italy, where they both live. It’s a small world. Hence the silly title of this post.

Mary Marjerrison working in Maureen's studioMary, who works in administration at an international school in Milan was able to rob a week for printmaking thanks to the very civilized Italian tradition of the “Settimana bianca,” a week off school in March. Perhaps it’s because she was previously an art teacher, or because of her high energy level (How many grandmothers do you know who run marathons?), but Mary got straight down to work, preparing her solar-print acetates in the Gallinero in the evenings and showing up in the studio each morning prepared to burn the images onto plates.

Perhaps her efficiency in the studio also had to do with the fact that she didn’t have a lot of experience with solar plates and was eager to learn. It’s often more difficult to work with people who already know a lot about the subject. Maybe that’s why the Chinese say, “Before you can fill a glass it must be empty.” I think she made more successful prints in one week with me than most artists make in two. Even so, Mary insists that she didn’t have enough time and that she needs to come back and do some more work as soon as possible. That’s excellent news. (more…)

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