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It was such a beautiful morning yesterday that Mike took his camera and macro lens out in the garden. The red flowers and baby fruit are from our pomegranate tree. Spanish for “pomegranate” is “granada,” by the way. A neighbor gave us a cutting of the blue morning glories on the right many years ago. They came with a warning: “Be careful, they can take over your garden.” They did. The wispy little white flowers are honeysuckle. They form banks in the garden and perfume the atmosphere out there all summer. The yellow star is a zucchini flower. We put zucchini in everything. The two yellow flowers are some sort of squash, which appeared on top of the compost heap. Our lemon tree is called a “limonero lunar” in Spanish. It flowers every month so during most of the year we have both flowers and fruit.  Here’s the pictures.


P.S. This one’s for cousin Carole.

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Today, Monday, June 23, 2014, was the last day of Brenda Eubanks’ IB Bremen students’ three-day workshop with Maureen in her studio. It was a morning of putting the finishing touches on the last solar plates and printing up as many of them as time permitted. Then al fresco lunch of curry with all the trimmings and off to the bus. And tomorrow the plane back to Bremen. The above photos show some of the work produced by a group of enthusiastic and attentive 17-year-old art students in three days. Congratulations to all of them.

Here’s what we were listening to: http://youtu.be/Ds8IevHRPGM

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Robyn Smith artist

Our friend, Robyn Smith, is so vital, so fun, so down to earth, and such a world bounder she could only be Australian. She turned up at my studio a couple of weeks ago in rather a dither. “I’ve been invited to present a piece in the St. Petersburg (Russia) Biennale and I’ve only got two weeks to get it done. Can I work in your studio? Do you want to help me prepare it?”

Robyn’s association with Russia is not accidental. She began studying the Russian language in Australia in the mid 90’s and made her first trip there in 1997. She was immediately taken with St. Petersburg, made friends there, stayed in touch with them. A few years later Robyn’s Russian professor in Australia introduced her to an artist with a studio in St. Petersburg who offered to share it with her. She ended up living about half of every year there. She says, “I always feel welcome and respected as an artist in Russia, much moreso than in my own country. Since the time of the Russian revolution and until quite recently artists were considered citizens who contributed something to the country and were treated as such. Some of that respect still remains.”

Robyn’s diptych, a tribute to Pushkin, is finished and she’s on her way to St. Petersburg with it under her arm.

Come back soon, Robyn.

Here’s what we were listening to: http://youtu.be/Hphwfq1wLJs

Dates: 15 April – 15 June 2014
Location: National Russian Library in St. Petersburg, Russia
Curator: Inna Grinchel
This international exhibition in the new large exhibition hall of the National Russian Library in St. Petersburg (Moskowskij prospect 165) is dedicated to the Pushkin poem “Eugenij Onegin.” A concurrent exhibition of artists’ books will be held in the Exhibition hall of the City Sculpture Museum. Its opening will be on International Book Day– 23 April.

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Debby Haskard Maureen Debby and Steve Haskard from Adelaide, South Australia are doing their first grand tour of Europe (including pieces of Africa and Asia). During the planning stage Debby drew a line between Adelaide and Holland, where they’re joining a big international family reunion later this month and discovered that the line passed close by Spain. “What a great opportunity to visit Maureen Booth’s studio in Granada and spend a few days working with her,” thought Debby, who makes prints at the Adelaide Centre for the Arts. (more…)

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Iram Wasi printmaker Pakistani printmaker, Iram Wani, is an extraordinary young person and a talented,  hard-working artist, and she was determined to do a workshop with Maureen. She planned to come with a friend, but when that didn’t work out she climbed on the plane by herself and many hours later we picked her up at the Granada airport. (more…)

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Maureen and Jini, with some of the work she produced in September

Jini Grinwald made her reservation a year in advance. She wanted to spend the month of September in the Gallinero and working with Maureen in the studio. She had studied printmaking at Melbourne University, “but that was a long time ago,” and she thought she needed to learn some new approaches. “Traditional printmaking didn’t offer me enough sponteneity,” says Jini. “I needed some techniques capable of offering me more freedom, more fun, not the same old kitchen chores.”  Jini caught the plane back to Australia this morning, but before she left she had time to answer some questions in the airport coffee shop: (more…)

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