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Maureen and Cuca in the studioThe Mother of All Communications Tools

If you’re interested in having mathematical laws work in your favor—and you are—you’re going to have to brush up your Internet skills a bit beyond sending emails and logging onto your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You should at least know how to create and maintain a blog. This is fun and easy, once you surmount a not-too-steep learning curve. I cannot overemphasize the importance of Internet for artists. A dozen years ago, when my husband proposed to make me my first website, I said, “What do I want a website for? I’m an artist.” Today he’s at work on his seventh (Or eighth? I’ve lost count.) printmaking website, some of which are exclusively mine, others in which I participate with other printmakers and studios. Today 90% of my living comes either directly or indirectly via the Web of Webs. (more…)

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What Can Working Artists Do When People Stop Buying Their Work?                     by Maureen Booth

Maureen Booth in her printmaking studioThe End of the World?
For whatever reasons—investment banks, hedge funds, corrupt politicians, permanent war, the beatification of greed—most of the world is in an economic tailspin. For working artists, perhaps the most vulnerable species in the food chain, this has led to an almost total cessation of sales. Is this the end of their (your) world? Sometimes it feels that way. What to do? I confess I’m not sure what you should do but I trust you’ll bear with me while I make a few observations and suggestions from my own experience. (more…)

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