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Audrey Feltham, Deer Lake, Newfoundland, Canada

Audrey and her husband Jim were here for just a few days but in that time she did some interesting prints and we learned a lot about the Canadian northeast. Jim told some wonderful stories of his experiences as a high-school teacher and basketball coach in a village on the northernmost coast of Baffin Island, which enjoys low winter temperatures of 40-50 degrees below zero. “How far is it from the nearest town?” I asked. “About an hour,” he replied. “By road?” “No, by plane. There aren’t any roads.” And like that. Here’s wishing the Felthams well, and do bundle up, won’t you! (more…)

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Isabel Mitchell (left) taking a break in the shade with Maureen

A lot of printmakers may identify with Isabel Mitchell. She graduated with a degree in fine arts, then got married, had a family, and finally went back to school and got herself a “sensible degree.” Then she worked in business for a couple of decades, always yearning to get back to art. It was in this frame of mind that she stepped on a plane in Toronto three weeks ago, stepped off it in Spain’s Málaga airport, rented a car (and a GPS) and drove the two hours up to Maureen’s studio in Granada. She was to stay in the Gallinero residence for two weeks of saturation printmaking. (more…)

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