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Dave McConnell, Boston, USA

Dave McConnell was a special person and it was a privilege to have him in my studio for a  week’s collaborative work in photogravure solar plate. To begin with, a few days after he returned home to Boston he turned 90. He was accompanied on this trip to Spain by his son, a banker with the Boston Fed. Dave, who had spent his working life as a photographer at the Boston Globe, was the quintessence of the charming Irishman with a young heart, excellent humor and that glint in his eye. His project was to make a four-color solarplate photogravure print from a color photograph he had made many years before. This was new territory for me; we both learned a lot from the experience. And we had a grand time in the process. Here’s some pictures Mike made.



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Edith MayEdith May studied architecture and Australian art in the ’80s and is today  the manager of the Fire Station Print Studio in Melbourne, Australia. She applied for a job there in 2010 and soon found herself facing the task of putting some order into an artist-run operation that was on the verge of being closed.

Since then Edith, the municipal authority, and the team she recruited have achieved financial stability; built up the membership to 100 artists; instituted a year-round gallery program with a professional curator; initiated community art programs for the intellectually disabled, migrant women and people with addiction problems; and achieved recognition both in the Australian printmaking community and on the social networks. The Fire Station also encourages young graduate printmakers with opportunities and prizes. (more…)

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