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Dave McConnell, Boston, USA

Dave McConnell was a special person and it was a privilege to have him in my studio for a  week’s collaborative work in photogravure solar plate. To begin with, a few days after he returned home to Boston he turned 90. He was accompanied on this trip to Spain by his son, a banker with the Boston Fed. Dave, who had spent his working life as a photographer at the Boston Globe, was the quintessence of the charming Irishman with a young heart, excellent humor and that glint in his eye. His project was to make a four-color solarplate photogravure print from a color photograph he had made many years before. This was new territory for me; we both learned a lot from the experience. And we had a grand time in the process. Here’s some pictures Mike made.



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Debby Haskard Maureen Debby and Steve Haskard from Adelaide, South Australia are doing their first grand tour of Europe (including pieces of Africa and Asia). During the planning stage Debby drew a line between Adelaide and Holland, where they’re joining a big international family reunion later this month and discovered that the line passed close by Spain. “What a great opportunity to visit Maureen Booth’s studio in Granada and spend a few days working with her,” thought Debby, who makes prints at the Adelaide Centre for the Arts. (more…)

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