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Maureen Booth screenprintMy 40%-Off Summer Sale was a surprising success. It seems a big discount is a big incentive. So I’ve decided to extend it till Oct. 2 for all those clever people who didn’t look at Internet during the month of August. You’re not too late. You can now download any and all of the videos at a discount of 40%. So you can now purchase a single video, normally $19.95, for $11.97. And all six of them are just $71.82, down from $119.70.

I had a lot of fun making these printmaking instruction tapes with video producer, Juan Carlos Romera, and they have received a warm reception from the printmakers who have downloaded them thus far.

To take advantage of this extended offer you’ll need this discount code: 90U010R3. When you reach the payment stage of the order process on my Printmaking Master Classes site, just introduce the discount code when prompted.

Happy printmaking! September is a wonderful month to make prints.

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Juan Carlos with his assistant director, MarioOur video/cineasta friend, Juan Carlos Romera, has taken advantage of the new YouTube service to upload the complete version of “Bive,” a 38-minute short film that he made in 2005. In that film I play “Maureen,” an English printmaker who falls in love with a Spanish fisherman. The film is essentially about the storm it causes in a little fishing village on the coast of Almería province.

We had such a great time doing it that I decided that in my next encarnation I want to be an actress. Here’s the link to see it (for free) on the off chance that you might find it amusing:

Mike did a story on the making of “Bive” (Printmaking Makes the Movies) and published it here on World Printmakers.

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Juan Carlos Romera, filmmaker and video producerFrom Maureen Booth, Granada, Spain, August 12, 2011–Juan Carlos Romera is an old friend of ours. He’s also an award-winning documentary filmmaker. When he showed up at our house a few months ago with a new video project, I wasn’t surprised. What was surprising was that he wanted me to be a partner in it.

Juan Carlos, who has always been fascinated by etchings, already had the plan worked out. Between the two of us we would produce a series of on-demand fine-art printmaking instruction videos. This would be a ideal way to extend the essence of my printmaking workshops to printmakers around the world, and it would also be an educational initiative aimed at fine-art print lovers and collectors. It sounded simple enough but, as we all know, nothing is as simple as it sounds. (more…)

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