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What’s a “gallinero” and why should you want to stay there?

Goodbye to Brenda Eubank-Ahrens and her marvelous group of art students from the International School of  Bremen, Germany

I say “artists,” rather than “art students,” as these young people from Brenda Eubank-Ahrens’ art class at the International School of Bremen functioned with all the maturity, concentration, enthusiasm and talent of fully-fledged artists. (Have a look at some of their solarplate work in the album of photographs which follows. This is only the monochrome work from the first two days. We didn’t print their color stuff till the last day and Mike didn’t have the chance to shoot it, as he was busy preparing the big  end-of-course barbecue.) This was the third year running that Brenda has come to Granada with a group of 17-18 year olds, and it was, again, a great pleasure to work with them.

If a  picture is worth a thousand words, here’s about 60,000 words on our three-day solarplate experience in my studio in Granada:

What we were listening to: http://youtu.be/GypIrhqmv3o

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Printmakers from all over Europe meet in Granada to make big impressions.

Today an international group of printmakers held the social event of the season in Granada. They called it “Impresiones Gigantes” and it created a delightful all-day inky-arty enclave on the city’s Paseo del Salón, the evocative pedestrian boulevard beside  Granada’s 16th-century botanical gardens located on the left bank of the River Genil.

The large linocuts, pressed by a road roller, came out surprisingly good. The artists were chuffed to be the protagonists of the day, and the public was surprised and interested. Although the event had no commercial intentions (God forbid!) a few of the visitors insisted upon purchasing some of the work. Mike made a lot of snapshots that you can see in the following album.

But first we should say thank you to Brian Berry, the benevolent Irishman, member of Cork Printmakers, who brought the concept to Granada a few months ago and worked to make it a reality. Thank you Brian, and everybody else who worked on the project. We’re already desiring to see what you’re going to come up with for next year!

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