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Mauren and Jini Grinwald pulling a printThanks to an exclusive new service from the world’s leading video site artists can now access my printmaking tutorials–formerly available only via download–on YouTube. So they (you) will no longer have to go through the download process. All you need to do is click on a link and start watching them immediately in streaming video, with excellent image quality even in full-screen mode.

Sound interesting? Follow this link.

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City of Light

"City of Light," a liquid-metal print by Maureen Booth

This print, which I made 8-10 years ago, was actually made for a commission, the biggest one I ever got. (Some day I’ll tell you how I got it.) The client was a Parisian real-estate company with 1,000 employees and they wanted Christmas presents for all of them. The only condition was that the images had to be versions of the buildings they were making in La Defense quarter, outside of Paris. They accepted all of the prints except this one. It seemed that the architect had changed the look of the building, and this print was no longer a true representation.

No matter, I editioned it myself and introduced it into my own distribution channels. Over the years it has been an excellent seller, something I never expected from a print of an office building!

This is a liquid-metal print (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2E5iZYs52bM) and I think it’s the unique qualities that this technique offers which have made it successful.

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Anglo-Spanish master printmaker, Maureen Booth, in her Granada studioI’ve just added two new videos to my Printmaking Master Classes collection of printmaking tutorials for download.

Recorded in my studio in Granada, they are:

  • Traditional Printmaking 2–This is the follow up to Traditional Printmaking 1, and discusses aquatint, sugar lift and marbling techniques.
  • Printmaking Tips–This is a collection of shortcuts, safety measures, ways of economizing and working more efficiently. Taken together they should make your studio experience more pleasant and productive.

You can find previews and order links for these new videos here on the Printmaking Master Classes site.

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Maureen Booth is the master printmaker who has published what some fine-art-printmaking insiders consider to be the finest printmaking tutorials on the Web. She affirms, “Making videos is like making prints. The process is essentially the same. You just try to do it better every time.”

Q/ How did you happen to embark on this printmaking-learning-videos project, Maureen? Did you have sponsorship or institutional backing of some sort?
A/ Something of that sort would have been nice, but instead of growing old waiting for it to happen, video producer, Juan Carlos Romera, and I planned and executed the whole thing ourselves, and my husband, Mike, is doing the Internet promotion. The Printmaking Master Classes project was actually Juan Carlos’s idea. He’s been fascinated with etching ever since we shot some scenes of his short film, “Bive,” in my studio seven or eight years ago. That was my first experience in front of a camera. I played an English printmaker who falls in love with a Spanish fisherman. (more…)

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Granada-based master printmaker, Maureen Booth, announces her new Printmaking Master Classes line of printmaking learning videos, now available for download. (More info here.)

Shooting the Printmaking Master Classes videos in Maureen's studioGranada, Spain, September 6, 2011—A British-born fine-art printmaker who has lived two thirds of her life in Spain has just launched a new series of printmaking tutorial videos. She calls them her Printmaking Master Classes and with them hopes to help fine-art printmakers “take their printmaking skills to the next level.”

Maureen Booth is well known in international printmaking circles, both as co-founder of the World Printmakers printmaking-resource site and as an artist, educator and art activist. “These new learning videos are just a continuation of the teaching I’ve done during most of my life as a printmaking professional,” says Maureen. “Since inaugurating my Gallinero artists’ residence a year and a half ago, and working with printmakers from all over the world, I’ve become aware of what today’s artists are looking for and what they need in terms of techniques and skills. Thanks to this video project designed by Spanish video producer Juan Carlos Romera, artists from all over the world now have access to my printmaking workshops. I find that very exciting.” (more…)

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Anglo-Spanish artist, Maureen BoothGranada, Spain, August 25, 2001–With her soon-to-be-released collection of Printmaking Master Class download videos, Granada-based Anglo-Spanish artist, Maureen Booth, is taking the next step in her 30-year career as a fine-art printmaker, editor and educator. “For the past couple of years, ever since we built my Gallinero creative residence, I’ve been teaching more printmaking workshops than ever,” says Maureen. “Artists arrive from around the world to do workshops and one-on-one collaborative printmaking projects with me. Unfortunately, there’s not enough time for me to attend everyone. Also, as my studio is located in rural Spain, I’m a bit out of the way for many artists who want to perfect their printmaking techniques. So these videos are a way of reaching those people.”

The first step in the Printmaking Master Classes project was to shoot the first five videos and a trailer in Maureen’s Pomegranate Editions studio, located in a village in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains outside of Granada. The trailer will be posted on YouTube and other online video platforms with free access in mid-September, 2001. The full-length videos will be offered for sale as downloads. “If these first five videos are successful,” says Maureen, “we can make more. Every time we do a video recording session new ideas arise.”

Maureen Booth, master printmakerThe five videos are entitled:

  • Make Prints Like the Old Masters–Traditional Printmaking, Part I
  • It’s Easy to Make a (Bad) Solar-Plate Print–Solar-Plate Printmaking Secrets
  • Nice Plate, How Are You Going to Print It?–Creative Printing
  • The Fine-Art Printmakers Logo–How to Make a Chop
  • Turning Epoxy Solder into Art– Liquid Metal Printmaking

The idea for the Printmaking Master Classes project came from filmmaker and video producer, Juan Carlos Romera. “We’ve been friends with Juan Carlos for many years,” says Maureen. “A few years ago I played the part of an English printmaker who falls in love with a Spanish fisherman in Bive, one of Juan Carlos’s short films. So, a few months ago he shows up with an ambitious new project to make printmaking instruction videos and offer them as downloads on Internet. One cup of coffee later we were partners.

Maureen Booth, from Manchester, U.K., has been making fine-art prints in her Granada studio since the early 1980’s. In those 30 years she has passed through all the stages of a young artist’s progress from beginner to master printmaker and editor. “I was lucky in the beginning,” she says, “to be selected to study in the etching workshop of the Rodríguez-Acosta Foundation in Granada. I was actually doubly lucky as I worked under the guidance of the maestro José García Lomas. Pepe Lomas was the ideal mentor, a gentle soul and a true European master, formed in the some of the finest Italian and Catalan print studios.

Maureen's presentation for her "Making a Chop" videoAfter the Rodríguez-Acosta Foundation workshop closed in 1981 Maureen had the opportunity to purchase one of the etching presses with all the trimmings—custom-built tables, flattening press, drying racks, rollers, inks and papers—and set up her own printmaking workshop in her painting studio at home. Printmaking soon took over.

Maureen’s desire is that these new videos might be useful to both amateur and professional printmakers, and that they might make a small contribution towards extending printmaking culture among artists and art lovers around the world.

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