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What Can Working Artists Do When People Stop Buying Their Work?                     by Maureen Booth

Maureen Booth in her printmaking studioThe End of the World?
For whatever reasons—investment banks, hedge funds, corrupt politicians, permanent war, the beatification of greed—most of the world is in an economic tailspin. For working artists, perhaps the most vulnerable species in the food chain, this has led to an almost total cessation of sales. Is this the end of their (your) world? Sometimes it feels that way. What to do? I confess I’m not sure what you should do but I trust you’ll bear with me while I make a few observations and suggestions from my own experience. (more…)

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The Chicago Girlz in Maureen Booth's studio in GranadaThe Chicago Girlz (our affectionate nickname), an extraordinary trio of printmakers made up of Deborah Lader, founder and director of The Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, her mother Carol Lader and Carol’s sister (Deborah’s aunt) Janet Imerman, have set new benchmarks for printmaking zeal in my studio. These remarkable young people stepped off the Chicago-Granada flight (Janet was actually coming straight through from Los Angeles) at midday last Monday, put down their bags in the Gallinero, rested for a whole hour and then proceeded to my studio to begin making prints. (more…)

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Brenda Eubank-AhrensBrenda visited Maureen’s studio and artists’ residence a year ago (thanks to their mutual friend, Alice Doeldissen) and when the tour was over Brenda asked Maureen if she could create a workshop for  a dozen or so of her 17-year-old art students from the International School of Bremen. The answer was yes, and the  the group has just spent three intensive days working with Maureen learning solar-plate etching techniques. The artistic level of these 17 year olds was remarkably high, and that coupled with their enthusiasm made for some interesting results (see photo presentation below). (more…)

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