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Dave McConnell, Boston, USA

Dave McConnell was a special person and it was a privilege to have him in my studio for a  week’s collaborative work in photogravure solar plate. To begin with, a few days after he returned home to Boston he turned 90. He was accompanied on this trip to Spain by his son, a banker with the Boston Fed. Dave, who had spent his working life as a photographer at the Boston Globe, was the quintessence of the charming Irishman with a young heart, excellent humor and that glint in his eye. His project was to make a four-color solarplate photogravure print from a color photograph he had made many years before. This was new territory for me; we both learned a lot from the experience. And we had a grand time in the process. Here’s some pictures Mike made.



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Deborah Maris Lader in a mellow mood

Deborah Maris Lader of the Chicago Printmakers’ Collaborative

Last week’s mystery image was one that should have been easily identifiable by most any printmaker. In the end it was Deborah Maris Lader of the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative who correctly identified it as ink drying. The photograph below, which shows the ink tin, makes it easier to read. Congratulations Deb. Come and get your chilled summer wine. And if you arrive before September first we’ll include a chicken dinner.

Ink drying in a tin

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CPC Logo for web (transparent background)
Chicago Printmakers Collaborative
For Immediate Release!!!!                                                                                      November 2011
BIG SHOW small prints…. 
google on over for our earth – sized deals on gorgeous art at
The 22nd Annual International Small Print Show
and Holiday Sale

Todd Irwin, hand screened printed CPC poster

Opening: Saturday and Sunday, December 3rd & 4th
11 – 7pm, both days
with special holiday open hours, 12-5 Tuesday – Sunday (December 6 – 18 only)

(Special sneak preview, Saturday, November 19, 12-5pm)

GORGEOUS, whimsical, fun and AFFORDABLE works on paper. We’ve been doing this for 22 years, and it just keeps getting freakingly better! Lots of new artists, as well as your veteran faves, from all over the planet. Over 60 artists and hundreds of prints, many under 100 bucks. An opportunity to buy local and meet and support the artists in your community and beyond. Purchase utterly unique and meaningful gifts for your loved ones this holiday. Meet and greet over hot cider, fresh brewed coffee and vegan treats from Delicious Cafe, and artist-made yummies in an oasis of warmth on Western Avenue….see you soon!

This show will also feature a huge selection of artist made cards, books, t-shirts, posters and other DIY gifts. 

Tanya Miller, “Musicians”, drypoint, etching, 4.5 x 6 inches

Ryan Kapp, “Big Dog”, 5-color screen print, 9 x 12 inches, $30

Elke Claus, “Maxwell”, silkscreen and collage, 11 x 11 inches, $50

Debra Riffe, “ain’t no place like home”, linoleum print, 5.5 x 7.5 inches, $60

Sarah Smelser, “untitled”, monotype, 6 x 6 inches

Maureen Booth, “Moorish Baths, Granada”, liquid metal collagraph, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, $80

Participating artists:
 Grazvyda Andrijauskaite, Colleen Aufderheide, George Bodmer, Maureen Booth (Spain), Liz Born, Miguel Carini (Spain), Elke Claus, Ben Crowell, Todd Freeman, Christine Gendre-Bergere (France), Elizabeth Gilmore, Sanya Glisic, Misha Goro, Dan Grzeca, Todd Irwin, Carrie Iverson, Ryan Kapp, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr., Scott Kiefer, Deborah Maris Lader, Kim Laurel, Letterform, Siu Jane Liu (China), Maggie Marlin, Ray Maseman, Michelle McCoy, Bert Menco, Tanya Miller (Canada), Julie Morelli, Ashley Nason, Brian Novak, Dennis O’Malley, Mary O’Shaughnessy, Debra Riffe, Artemio Rodriguez (Mexico), Maria Sanchez, Jeff Sippel, Sarah Smelser, Amelia Spinney, Starshaped Press (Jen Farrell), Megan Sterling, Shawn Stucky, Kyra Termini, Charlie Van Gilder, Sarah Vogel, Scott Westgard, Cleo Wilkinson (Australia), Nele Zirnite (Latvia)

The exhibition runs through January 28, 2012

More information and high rez images: contact Deborah at 773-293-2070 or by email
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for more prints and general friendliness!And then, if you have nothing else to do, read our

or just come visit our website!
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The CPC is located in Lincoln Square, at 4642 N. Western Avenue, just across the street from the Brown Line el stop, on the west side of the street, between Wilson and Leland. Check us out on the web:
www.chicagoprintmakers.com Get inky everyone!!!!

Need some directions to the CPC??
Click here!
Please excuse our scaffolding. Since we are mere renters,
we have no control over this.
Chicago Printmakers Collaborative
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The Chicago Girlz in Maureen Booth's studio in GranadaThe Chicago Girlz (our affectionate nickname), an extraordinary trio of printmakers made up of Deborah Lader, founder and director of The Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, her mother Carol Lader and Carol’s sister (Deborah’s aunt) Janet Imerman, have set new benchmarks for printmaking zeal in my studio. These remarkable young people stepped off the Chicago-Granada flight (Janet was actually coming straight through from Los Angeles) at midday last Monday, put down their bags in the Gallinero, rested for a whole hour and then proceeded to my studio to begin making prints. (more…)

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