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City of Light

"City of Light," a liquid-metal print by Maureen Booth

This print, which I made 8-10 years ago, was actually made for a commission, the biggest one I ever got. (Some day I’ll tell you how I got it.) The client was a Parisian real-estate company with 1,000 employees and they wanted Christmas presents for all of them. The only condition was that the images had to be versions of the buildings they were making in La Defense quarter, outside of Paris. They accepted all of the prints except this one. It seemed that the architect had changed the look of the building, and this print was no longer a true representation.

No matter, I editioned it myself and introduced it into my own distribution channels. Over the years it has been an excellent seller, something I never expected from a print of an office building!

This is a liquid-metal print (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2E5iZYs52bM) and I think it’s the unique qualities that this technique offers which have made it successful.

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Maureen Booth is the master printmaker who has published what some fine-art-printmaking insiders consider to be the finest printmaking tutorials on the Web. She affirms, “Making videos is like making prints. The process is essentially the same. You just try to do it better every time.”

Q/ How did you happen to embark on this printmaking-learning-videos project, Maureen? Did you have sponsorship or institutional backing of some sort?
A/ Something of that sort would have been nice, but instead of growing old waiting for it to happen, video producer, Juan Carlos Romera, and I planned and executed the whole thing ourselves, and my husband, Mike, is doing the Internet promotion. The Printmaking Master Classes project was actually Juan Carlos’s idea. He’s been fascinated with etching ever since we shot some scenes of his short film, “Bive,” in my studio seven or eight years ago. That was my first experience in front of a camera. I played an English printmaker who falls in love with a Spanish fisherman. (more…)

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Granada-based master printmaker, Maureen Booth, announces her new Printmaking Master Classes line of printmaking learning videos, now available for download. (More info here.)

Shooting the Printmaking Master Classes videos in Maureen's studioGranada, Spain, September 6, 2011—A British-born fine-art printmaker who has lived two thirds of her life in Spain has just launched a new series of printmaking tutorial videos. She calls them her Printmaking Master Classes and with them hopes to help fine-art printmakers “take their printmaking skills to the next level.”

Maureen Booth is well known in international printmaking circles, both as co-founder of the World Printmakers printmaking-resource site and as an artist, educator and art activist. “These new learning videos are just a continuation of the teaching I’ve done during most of my life as a printmaking professional,” says Maureen. “Since inaugurating my Gallinero artists’ residence a year and a half ago, and working with printmakers from all over the world, I’ve become aware of what today’s artists are looking for and what they need in terms of techniques and skills. Thanks to this video project designed by Spanish video producer Juan Carlos Romera, artists from all over the world now have access to my printmaking workshops. I find that very exciting.” (more…)

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