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As close as I can remember, Lorna Ryan-Burden came to work in my studio with me the first time in 2011. This talented Australian artist came with her husband, Roger, who researched a lot of tapas bars with Mike, while Lorna delved into solar-plate and liquid metal printmaking with me in the studio.

A couple of years later they stopped by again, on their way from Australia to England to visit family. By then Lorna had evolved her techniques a lot and won a few printmaking prizes around Australia. She was full of the enthusiasm that comes from winning prizes and selling work.

I was surprised and delighted last fall when I received an email from Lorna saying they were planning to come back to Europe in the spring of 2018 and could they stop by for a week in The Gallinero and some creative printing practice with me in the studio. They have just left after a very productive week. Have a look at the photos Mike made in the studio shortly before they left. Already we’re looking forward to their fourth visit from Australia.

Thanks for commenting and sharing.

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Jennifer Morgan Family, Nova Scotia, Canada

I received an email from Jennifer Morgan in Nova Scotia asking me if I could mount a one-day solarplate printing workshop in my studio for herself and six family members, as a creative stop on their trip to Spain. I thought, “That’s impossible.” But I, who believe in the impossible, said “Fine. Come on over. We’ll give it a try.”

On the day, I had the great good luck that all Jennifer’s family had surprising artistic talent, which they may have inherited from their mother, the Canadian novelist, Bernice Morgan. (See photos) The quantity and quality of work they produced in a single day, their first, was impressive. I tremble to think what they could have achieved in a week.


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Abbie Luck, London, UK

At the time Abbie came to my workshop, in 2005 I think, she had just gotten a job as art teacher at a fancy girls’ school in London and was eager to expand her repertoire of techniques. She took naturally to solarplate printmaking and did some interesting work while she was here. She liked solarplate particularly as it was something she could teach her students without getting involved with acid and resins. She quickly made friends with Karoline Piedra, the American artist from Massachusetts who was on holiday from her day job in Switzerland. That’s the two of them below, captured on a day that Mike and his mate, Curro, were doing some electronic flash tests that somehow got mixed with a wine tasting. That’s probably why the two girls seem to glisten in the photograph.

From a comment by Abbie on my Printmaking Courses in Spain blog: “Thank you for everything. I am leaving with a wealth of knowledge, but also wonderfully relaxed. You have been so welcoming. I have come to feel really at home in your studio and in Granada. I couldn’t have asked for a better working holiday. I will most definitely be back to visit.”


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Lorna and Maureen in the studioLorna Ryan-Burden writes from Melbourne to say that her liquid-metal print,  “Pyrotechnics I,” has just won the “other media” prize in a local show, a prize that came accompanied by a $500 check.

My sincere congratulations to you, Lorna. It’s so rewarding for me to see the amazing progress you have made since you were first here a couple of years ago. Keep up the good work! I’m sure you will. You’ve got what it takes: talent and enthusiasm.

Lorna Ryan-Burden's prize winning liquid-metal print

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