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City of Light

"City of Light," a liquid-metal print by Maureen Booth

This print, which I made 8-10 years ago, was actually made for a commission, the biggest one I ever got. (Some day I’ll tell you how I got it.) The client was a Parisian real-estate company with 1,000 employees and they wanted Christmas presents for all of them. The only condition was that the images had to be versions of the buildings they were making in La Defense quarter, outside of Paris. They accepted all of the prints except this one. It seemed that the architect had changed the look of the building, and this print was no longer a true representation.

No matter, I editioned it myself and introduced it into my own distribution channels. Over the years it has been an excellent seller, something I never expected from a print of an office building!

This is a liquid-metal print (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2E5iZYs52bM) and I think it’s the unique qualities that this technique offers which have made it successful.

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Cat and Canary

The Thrill of a Trip; Paco Was Pleasant

In the summer of 1985 Mike and I did a six-week trip from our home in Granada to Belgrade and back, visiting a few hundred hotels in Greece, Austria and Yugoslavia along the way. Mike was European editor of a hotel guide in those days. We had a new car, which was also an incentive for the trip. This was one of the few times that we rented our house while we were traveling. Paco, the Granada jeweler and his family who rented it seemed competent and pleasant people.

Everything seemed in order. Nevertheless, every single day on that trip I expressed my concern about our canary. Would those nice people feed it and water it regularly? Would they hang the cage in the shade, out of the reach of the cats? It was my constant concern and Mike got frankly bored with me mentioning it every day. (more…)

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These (rather disordered) snapshots should give you an idea of what our village and its environs are like. You might like it here.

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"Tormenta," an etching by Maureen Booth

Soon after arriving in our village–this was 40 years ago–Mike and I took the kids, then eight and ten, on a picnic on the mountainside above the neighboring village of Guéjar Sierra. This was at a period in our lives when everything was new and uncertain. While Mike made a fire to roast some pork chops I got out my sketch pad and began to draw the scene below. There was one isolated stone cottage sitting there.  This used to be very common in the Spanish landscapes at that time. (more…)

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