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Our Worldwide Coverage

This mapamundi shows the countries from which “Printmaking Courses in Spain” has had visitors this year. The last country on the list in this screenshot is Jordan. After that come 42 countries more. We’re delighted. Thanks to all of you.

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Juan Carlos with his assistant director, MarioOur video/cineasta friend, Juan Carlos Romera, has taken advantage of the new YouTube service to upload the complete version of “Bive,” a 38-minute short film that he made in 2005. In that film I play “Maureen,” an English printmaker who falls in love with a Spanish fisherman. The film is essentially about the storm it causes in a little fishing village on the coast of Almería province.

We had such a great time doing it that I decided that in my next encarnation I want to be an actress. Here’s the link to see it (for free) on the off chance that you might find it amusing:

Mike did a story on the making of “Bive” (Printmaking Makes the Movies) and published it here on World Printmakers.

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Lorna and Maureen in the studioLorna Ryan-Burden writes from Melbourne to say that her liquid-metal print,  “Pyrotechnics I,” has just won the “other media” prize in a local show, a prize that came accompanied by a $500 check.

My sincere congratulations to you, Lorna. It’s so rewarding for me to see the amazing progress you have made since you were first here a couple of years ago. Keep up the good work! I’m sure you will. You’ve got what it takes: talent and enthusiasm.

Lorna Ryan-Burden's prize winning liquid-metal print

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Accompanied by the voice of José Carreras

Do you think this video is calculated to seduce you to come to Granada? You’re right.

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Mauren and Jini Grinwald pulling a printThanks to an exclusive new service from the world’s leading video site artists can now access my printmaking tutorials–formerly available only via download–on YouTube. So they (you) will no longer have to go through the download process. All you need to do is click on a link and start watching them immediately in streaming video, with excellent image quality even in full-screen mode.

Sound interesting? Follow this link.

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Maureen and Jini, with some of the work she produced in September

Jini Grinwald made her reservation a year in advance. She wanted to spend the month of September in the Gallinero and working with Maureen in the studio. She had studied printmaking at Melbourne University, “but that was a long time ago,” and she thought she needed to learn some new approaches. “Traditional printmaking didn’t offer me enough sponteneity,” says Jini. “I needed some techniques capable of offering me more freedom, more fun, not the same old kitchen chores.”  Jini caught the plane back to Australia this morning, but before she left she had time to answer some questions in the airport coffee shop: (more…)

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