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Carole Pearson (Surrey, UK) started painting with oils when she was 12 or 13 years old. “Then, instead of going to art school, I went  to work in a bank,” says Carole, “Not that I miss formal art training. I’ve always suspected–and this week working with Maureen in her studio has confirmed–that my work is more original for not having entered into the system. What Maureen made clearer than ever to me was that what an artist expresses sincerely is all valid.”

Carole, who has been making prints for only a couple of years, had been wondering for some time what it would be like to do a workshop abroad. It occurred to her last month that she could extend her upcoming two-week walking holiday in Andalusia with an additional week of printmaking. “It was easy to find Maureen,” she says. “I just googled “printmaking Spain.”

“I really had no idea what to expect, beyond an etching press and a nice person whom I had been corresponding with by email. But in the end it was a tremendously fulfilling experience. I’m convinced that I’ve advanced more than a year in printmaking in just one week’s intensive work with Maureen. Working one on one with a master is such a luxury.”

What did Carole discover in the foothills of Sierra Nevada outside Granada in Spain last week?

“Aside from the siesta? Nightingales.”

What we were listening to: http://youtu.be/Ds8IevHRPGM


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Debby Haskard Maureen Debby and Steve Haskard from Adelaide, South Australia are doing their first grand tour of Europe (including pieces of Africa and Asia). During the planning stage Debby drew a line between Adelaide and Holland, where they’re joining a big international family reunion later this month and discovered that the line passed close by Spain. “What a great opportunity to visit Maureen Booth’s studio in Granada and spend a few days working with her,” thought Debby, who makes prints at the Adelaide Centre for the Arts. (more…)

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Iram Wasi printmaker Pakistani printmaker, Iram Wani, is an extraordinary young person and a talented,  hard-working artist, and she was determined to do a workshop with Maureen. She planned to come with a friend, but when that didn’t work out she climbed on the plane by herself and many hours later we picked her up at the Granada airport. (more…)

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Our Worldwide Coverage

This mapamundi shows the countries from which “Printmaking Courses in Spain” has had visitors this year. The last country on the list in this screenshot is Jordan. After that come 42 countries more. We’re delighted. Thanks to all of you.

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Lorna and Maureen in the studioLorna Ryan-Burden writes from Melbourne to say that her liquid-metal print,  “Pyrotechnics I,” has just won the “other media” prize in a local show, a prize that came accompanied by a $500 check.

My sincere congratulations to you, Lorna. It’s so rewarding for me to see the amazing progress you have made since you were first here a couple of years ago. Keep up the good work! I’m sure you will. You’ve got what it takes: talent and enthusiasm.

Lorna Ryan-Burden's prize winning liquid-metal print

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Boston printmaker, Dave McDonnell, in Maureen Booth's printmaking studio in GranadaThe McDonnells, Dave Sr. and Jr., were here last week from Boston. Maureen’s studio en the Sierra Nevada foothills outside Granada was just one more stop on Dave senior’s longtime quest for the great photogravure print. The novelty of Maureen’s approach this time was that they were going to use solar plates to create images based on four-color CMYK separations. It was an experiment for all concerned. (more…)

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Barbara Milman working in my studioIt’s 9:00 a.m. and we’ve just finished signing the last of her prints. She and I are both delighted with what she’s achieved over the past week. Barbara, a longtime resident of the San Francisco area–and ex-president of the California Society of Printmakers–had never done any solar-plate printmaking before, but it didn’t take her long to see the light. (more…)

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Maureen Booth in her printmaking studioWelcome to Printmaking Courses in Spain, a site with information on workshops and collaborative printmaking in my studio in Granada, Spain. I’ve tried to include enough information here to convince you that your best option for your next summer’s art holiday is a printmaking workshop here in Granada. You’ll love it. Everybody does.

Can’t make it in the summer? Drop me an email and we’ll discuss other possibilities. Never done printmaking before? Better yet. You’re in for some delightful surprises. Prefer to work one-on-one on a collaborative printmaking project? That’s another possibility. In fact, I’ve been doing more and more of that  sort of work lately, as artists from other disciplines are discovering the fascination of the inked plate.

So, I invite you to meander through these pages at your leisure and see if they don’t whet your appetite for rolling images onto rich papers.  Let me call your attention to a couple of important changes from previous years’ offerings:

  • El Gallinero, my new artist’s residence, an inviting  suite in a cabin here on the property which sleeps up to three people and provides spacious, stylish and comfortable accommodation, including good workspace.
  • Our village restaurants offer hearty, inexpensive local-style meals so,  though the Gallinero has a fully-equipped kitchen, you don’t have to prepare your own meals  if you don’t want to. You just slip down to the village and order your meal. It’s only a five minute walk along the river.

If you have any questions just email them to me and I’ll get back to you the same day.

And, whatever else you do, keep on printing!

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