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Lou Netter and Maureen in the studioMaureen at work in her studio

An article by Maureen Booth in the summer 2011 edition of Printmaking Today, the British fine-art-printmaking magazine with subscribers worldwide which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year (more…)

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I’ve just been notified that an article I wrote is to be featured in the Summer 2011 edition of  Printmaking Today, the British fine-art-printmaking magazine, which will be on the newsstands in the UK the first of June. If you live elsewhere you might consider subscribing to this excellent printmaking journal, published continuously since 1994 and full of great content for printmakers.

A few months ago I sat down to write a news release for my summer printmaking courses. Of course I know nothing about writing news releases so my text turned out to a series of rambling reflections on printmaking, printmakers’ websites and Granada. I showed the first draft to my husband and he laughed. “This isn’t a news release,” he said, “but it does have some interesting information for printmakers. Why don’t you send it to Printmaking Today and see if they want to publish it?” So I did and they did, and I’m delighted. I hope you can find a copy and that you find my article of interest.

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