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Lorna and Maureen in the studioLorna Ryan-Burden writes from Melbourne to say that her liquid-metal print,  “Pyrotechnics I,” has just won the “other media” prize in a local show, a prize that came accompanied by a $500 check.

My sincere congratulations to you, Lorna. It’s so rewarding for me to see the amazing progress you have made since you were first here a couple of years ago. Keep up the good work! I’m sure you will. You’ve got what it takes: talent and enthusiasm.

Lorna Ryan-Burden's prize winning liquid-metal print

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Australian artist, Lorna BurdenAustralian artist, Lorna Ryan Burden, came to Granada last spring with her husband, Roger. She discovered solar plates then and was looking forward to returning to Melbourne and springing them on her printmaker friends. When Lorna and Roger left she said what almost everybody says, “We’ll be back!”

Sure enough, they’re back. After dazzling her colleagues with solar last year, she’s dedicating herself this time to learning liquid-metal printmaking and she’s producing some wonderful museum-quality prints using that technique (see photographs below).

Roger’s art is restricted to architecture, so when he’s in Granada with Lorna he spends his time taking long walks along the river, reading and taking it easy. Lest he get bored this time, I invited him on the first morning to take a long stroll around Granada’s high points. I haven’t done that for years, and the tour surprised me almost as much as it did Roger. (more…)

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Cathy Naro, Maureen Booth in Maureen's printmaking studio in Granada, Spain

Cathy and Maureen review one of Cathy's new prints in Maureen's studio in Granada

In my Liquid Metal Printmaking video I use a two-tube epoxy adhesive (“cold metal solder”) called “Nural 21″ sold by a Spanish firm called Pattex. As it turned out, this product is not available in the U.S.A. and some American artists have been frustrated trying to find a suitable substitute. Now Cathy Naro has found it. I’ll let her tell you about it: (more…)

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City of Light

"City of Light," a liquid-metal print by Maureen Booth

This print, which I made 8-10 years ago, was actually made for a commission, the biggest one I ever got. (Some day I’ll tell you how I got it.) The client was a Parisian real-estate company with 1,000 employees and they wanted Christmas presents for all of them. The only condition was that the images had to be versions of the buildings they were making in La Defense quarter, outside of Paris. They accepted all of the prints except this one. It seemed that the architect had changed the look of the building, and this print was no longer a true representation.

No matter, I editioned it myself and introduced it into my own distribution channels. Over the years it has been an excellent seller, something I never expected from a print of an office building!

This is a liquid-metal print (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2E5iZYs52bM) and I think it’s the unique qualities that this technique offers which have made it successful.

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