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Australian artist, Lorna BurdenAustralian artist, Lorna Ryan Burden, came to Granada last spring with her husband, Roger. She discovered solar plates then and was looking forward to returning to Melbourne and springing them on her printmaker friends. When Lorna and Roger left she said what almost everybody says, “We’ll be back!”

Sure enough, they’re back. After dazzling her colleagues with solar last year, she’s dedicating herself this time to learning liquid-metal printmaking and she’s producing some wonderful museum-quality prints using that technique (see photographs below).

Roger’s art is restricted to architecture, so when he’s in Granada with Lorna he spends his time taking long walks along the river, reading and taking it easy. Lest he get bored this time, I invited him on the first morning to take a long stroll around Granada’s high points. I haven’t done that for years, and the tour surprised me almost as much as it did Roger. (more…)

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