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Take Advantage of Friendly Prices Now to Complete Your Collection of My Printmaking Learning Videos–Offer good till August 26, 2013

mauterrace2I’ve met a few printmakers lately who didn’t even know I had made a series of printmaking learning videos. I was shocked. So I decided to offer a big discount and announce them on all the printmaking sites. You can now download any and all of the videos at a discount of 40%. So you can now buy a single video, normally $19.95, for $11.97. And all six of them are just $71.82, down from $119.70.

I had a lot of fun making these videos with video producer, Juan Carlos Romera, and they have received a warm reception from the printmakers who have downloaded them thus far.

To take advantage of the offer you’ll need this discount code: 486Q9512. When you reach the payment stage of the order process on my Printmaking Master Classes site, introduce this code when prompted. And don’t forget, once your order is processed I’ll send you the secret links that will permit you to see your videos on YouTube from any internet connection, anywhere.

I’d love to hear your comments after you use my videos. Were they clear, helpful, or even inspiring?

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Maureen BoothDue to a server saga I won’t bore you with, I have lost the email address I have used for years. So, please take note of the new one: maureenluciabooth@gmail.com. If you have tried to contact me in the past month or so, I haven’t received your message. Please re-send to the new address.

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Debby Haskard Maureen Debby and Steve Haskard from Adelaide, South Australia are doing their first grand tour of Europe (including pieces of Africa and Asia). During the planning stage Debby drew a line between Adelaide and Holland, where they’re joining a big international family reunion later this month and discovered that the line passed close by Spain. “What a great opportunity to visit Maureen Booth’s studio in Granada and spend a few days working with her,” thought Debby, who makes prints at the Adelaide Centre for the Arts. (more…)

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