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As close as I can remember, Lorna Ryan-Burden came to work in my studio with me the first time in 2011. This talented Australian artist came with her husband, Roger, who researched a lot of tapas bars with Mike, while Lorna delved into solar-plate and liquid metal printmaking with me in the studio.

A couple of years later they stopped by again, on their way from Australia to England to visit family. By then Lorna had evolved her techniques a lot and won a few printmaking prizes around Australia. She was full of the enthusiasm that comes from winning prizes and selling work.

I was surprised and delighted last fall when I received an email from Lorna saying they were planning to come back to Europe in the spring of 2018 and could they stop by for a week in The Gallinero and some creative printing practice with me in the studio. They have just left after a very productive week. Have a look at the photos Mike made in the studio shortly before they left. Already we’re looking forward to their fourth visit from Australia.

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Carole Pearson (Surrey, UK) started painting with oils when she was 12 or 13 years old. “Then, instead of going to art school, I went  to work in a bank,” says Carole, “Not that I miss formal art training. I’ve always suspected–and this week working with Maureen in her studio has confirmed–that my work is more original for not having entered into the system. What Maureen made clearer than ever to me was that what an artist expresses sincerely is all valid.”

Carole, who has been making prints for only a couple of years, had been wondering for some time what it would be like to do a workshop abroad. It occurred to her last month that she could extend her upcoming two-week walking holiday in Andalusia with an additional week of printmaking. “It was easy to find Maureen,” she says. “I just googled “printmaking Spain.”

“I really had no idea what to expect, beyond an etching press and a nice person whom I had been corresponding with by email. But in the end it was a tremendously fulfilling experience. I’m convinced that I’ve advanced more than a year in printmaking in just one week’s intensive work with Maureen. Working one on one with a master is such a luxury.”

What did Carole discover in the foothills of Sierra Nevada outside Granada in Spain last week?

“Aside from the siesta? Nightingales.”

What we were listening to: http://youtu.be/Ds8IevHRPGM


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