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The art exhibit in Salobreña’s Moorish castle to which you have been looking forward so fervently takes place at the end of this week: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 26-28. This is the first edition of this show, organized by the International Club of Salobreña (made up of most of the foreign residents) and the town hall, and everybody is fascinated to see what kind of reception an art exhibit of these characteristics is going to get. The show is only on for three days–correction nights–and only from 8:15-12:00 p.m. So if you blink you’ve missed it. Entrance is free and there will be refreshments a the Thursday-night opening. Here’s a link to their website. And here’s the lovely poster they’ve done:

SaloArte exhibit poster

P.S. Please remember the three nights are Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and not  Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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