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Trish Roberts arrived last Sunday with her husband, Peter, and they adapted quickly and joyously to the Gallinero. Trish shows tremendous enthusiasm in her work. Everything we did together seemed to delight her. I have seldom seen an artist have so much fun doing prints and learning new techniques. It was very rewarding for me. She must have enjoyed it, too, as she’s talking about coming back for a longer stay.
This five-day visit to my studio was tacked onto the front of a Spanish holiday. Trish’s idea was to spend this time preparing work for two shows she has in the near future. “Though I don’t expect I can get much work done in five days,” she said. In the end, when they leave tomorrow she will go with a portfolio of new prints and some fresh ideas about colour, fondino, liquid metal and solarplate prints. Oh, I almost forgot, and the siesta.


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