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Zahra Buali in the studio with Maureen Booth

Zahra Buali is a painter and printmaker from Saudi Arabia. She came to my studio earlier this month for a printmaking workshop. I’m not sure what I was expecting but Zahra exceeded all possible expectations, both as a person and as an artist. Everything Zahra says or does is permeated by sincerity, earnestness and a vast capacity for delight. That, along with her academic preparation–a Canadian art degree–and years of work in her own studio in Saudi, made her an ideal collaborator in the studio, as you can see by the samples of her production in the photo album below.

Thanks for coming, Zahra, for being so appreciative of everything, for learning so enthusiastically and for making us that wonderful meal of Saudi Arabian kabsa. Don’t forget us and come back to see us whenever you can.

What we were listening to: http://youtu.be/2oX2FSv4Rys

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