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¿Has visitado alguna vez el estudio de un artista? Es el destilado de una vida entera.

Haz la cita para tu visita al estudio de Maureen aquí:

Hasta pronto.

He aquí unos momentos en el estudio de Maureen a través de los años:


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Getting into the Third Dimension

I never expected to do any sculpture, but I stopped by my friend, Esperanza Romero’s studio one day and she was working on a piece of clay.  She saw I was fascinated and set me up with a lump of clay and some advice for a beginner. And out came Diva.  I was hooked. I made more figures and have had them cast in bronze. Here they are.


This is Diva, our chihuahua when she was a puppy. I tried to capture some of her puppiness and, yes, her ears were that big. At least the appeared that way to me.


This one is called “Cacolina.” She was our first small dog. When a friend offered her to us as a pup, Mike said, “Thanks but no, we prefer big dogs.” Up until that time we had had mastiffs and great danes. “So the friend said, “Look, just take her home with you. If she doesn’t work out you can bring her back.” That was the end of mastiffs for us. She went on to mother a whole dynasty of little rough-haired terriers we called “Cacolinos.” I did this figure from memory.


I call this one “Siesta.” It’s from memory, too.


This is “The Kiss,” also from my imagination. Cacolina made her way into this one, too.

You Can Purchase One If You Like, Or More Than One

All of these pieces are for sale. I’ve decided to present them in editions of seven each. They will be designated: MLucia, 1/7…7/7, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

If you see a piece you would like to acquire, please email me and we’ll discuss the arrangements. My email is: maureenluciabooth(at)gmail.com.


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